Addicted to Ladybugs!

The Ladybug Game comes with no directions. But I caught on pretty quickly. And now I am a fiend! I must play! Bonus is the nifty Japanese (Korean? Chinese? Otherwise foreign?) talking.


One Response to “Addicted to Ladybugs!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I hate looking at your blog.

    If your website was food, it would taste like chocolate, and I’d be fat.

    Everytime I visit, I get sucked into a mindless vortex of eye candy and mindless treats…
    I’ll never get back those 3 hours I spent one night exploring the magical world of Hello Kitty. Lego land kidnapped approximately 1 hour of my waking life another night, and yet another 2 hours of my life was wasted away when I got lost looking at random blogs with pictures of cats and pet bunnies.
    The Lady Bug game is just one more example…

    Thank you for feeding my addition to exploring the strange, random and amusing things that are found on World Wide Web.


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