I Heart Apple

For the record: I heart my new computer. I think Steve Jobs just became my new Geek Crush. Yes, even over Alton Brown. Anybody who can pioneer a company that makes such easy to use and beautiful and bug-free computer products deserves to replace Alton. Plus, it used to take me over 50 minutes to upload a CD. I have uploaded about 30 today. The only flaw in the Down With PCs Conversion resulted from operator error. When I tried to switch over my iTunes from my PC to this lovely machine, I somehow missed a crucial step and deleted all my uploaded music. The stuff I had purchased from iTunes was still there, thank God. (Though I about had a heart attack before I realized that) But the Great CD Uploading Project of 2005-2006 was all gone. The Re-Uploading Project of 2007 is going to last me this weekend. That’s it. It’s a Mac Miracle. And since that was the only big conversion casualty, I think I did pretty well.

Granted, there are some things I don’t like. For example, I am used to having a right click and left click option on my mouse. Not being able to spell check with the left click thing is kind of annoying. I have to figure out and relearn all those shortcuts. And there are a few other word processing things I don’t like. Like no thesaurus. How am I supposed to sound fancy without one? I won’t know to use words like farfandoodle. Oh, and the fact that I can’t alphabetize my picture folders automatically really sucks. I stink at ABC order and that took me forever to do manually, but of course I had to do it because I am A-type to the nth million degree. The bonus is I know there are lots of fun things on here I don’t know how to use and will be discovering in the next few months. The joys!

Oh, and let me just say, Stickies Rock!


One Response to “I Heart Apple”

  1. spencerkoch Says:

    Kate, you should give me a call, because you are doing a few things the hard way.

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