Kitchen stuff for my birthday

Today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and my birthday is on Sunday. Besides a hot man and a million dollars, there isn’t much I want. Well, except for random kitchen gadgetry.

Odd concepts in the kitchen always fascinate me. Who really needs cups that snap together? Especially at $50 per cup and they can’t go in the dishwasher. Um, pass.

I really do want a jumbo muffin pan. I can make jumbo muffins to go with my usual breakfast of a jumbo diet coke. It might help to make me less of a jumbo grump in the morning.

Hand painted plates and bowls that tie into my attempt at a retroish inspired red and blue kitchen theme might be nice. Maybe just one or two for parties. Wait, what parties? Never mind…

Oh! I can get customized Jones soda bottles. Bionic Kitty can be on the labels! Conversation piece and good for continuous laughs.

I LOVE Kettle chips. The thought makes my stomach growl and my arteries get a nice clogged feeling. To be able to get a five pack of limited edition flavors would be totally nifty.

The next stage in garlic presses. It’s like building a better mouse trap, but for cooking! And I hate my garlic press. All those little pieces I have to try to dig out with a fork. It’s the most aggravating kitchen gizmo.

A personal deep fryer would be nice. Seriously. Fresh onion rings whenever I want them? Yes, please!

Chocolate voodoo dolls! Hahahahahahha! I rather like the idea.

Sometimes I don’t want a martini and I’m not a huge beer fan. I want to try something else. Like Lambic. Hmmm… Or a wine club subscription.


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