Random Fun Stuff Not At All Related to My Birthday! Really.

Six, SIX, siiiixxxx more days to my birthday. Just in case anybody needed to know. Anyway, while I was trolling online indulging in some Birthday Splurge Fantasies at Tiffany.com, I came across these two things…

While not really something I can get for the Joyous Occasion, I think this example of Extreme Star Wars Fandom is generally worth sharing. I wonder if somebody went to jail for that USPS property vandalism/art thing…

Peeps! Only the third best candy ever! Peeps are great to eat, to blow up in the microwave, and to use in recreations of the 10 Plagues sent by God.

It is a bad sign that people actually have time to do these things, it is even worse that I found them online.


2 Responses to “Random Fun Stuff Not At All Related to My Birthday! Really.”

  1. Terri S. Says:

    I saw a mail box like that in DC. I wonder when they are coming to Chicago!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I haven’t been to theForce.net since college. Good times.

    I heard on the radio a while back that the mailboxes dressed as R2 are to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “A New Hope.”

    My useless info for the day.

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