Mover over Dawson’s Creek, I have discovered Veronica Mars

My friend Amy (see Amy, that’s three times I’ve mentioned you now — you are a celebrity!) has been bugging me for a long time to watch this TV show about some high school girl who solves mysteries. I would have none of it because:
1. I don’t like mysteries, I like romance.
2. High school? Um, no.
3. I was involved in the Dawson’s Creek saga at the time and it was consuming my life.
4. The show was on the WB (now the CW) and I refuse to watch anything on that channel since they cancelled Buffy.

Well, I have become a home bound captive and at the mercy of my friends. Amy brought over season one of said show. Realizing I had nothing better to do, I popped in the first DVD and suddenly I became a fan of Veronica Mars. I’ve discovered that:
1. There is plenty of romance. Hellllooooo, Logan Echolls. Bad boy with a heart of gold and pecs that are hard as steel. Be still my heart.
2. High school in Neptune is not normal high school. Think the greatness of high school as portrayed in 90210 (aka the glory days of teen drama) without the mall bangs.
3. This love triangle beats the Dawson/Joey/Pacy love triangle any day. Plus, this one has lots of dead girlfriends to really spice it up.
4. The WB/CW/whatever they are called now is now showing The Pussycat Dolls: the Search for the next Doll. Or something like that. And it is in VM’s time slot while VM is on hiatus. Taking a show with a strong female character who has a brain, dresses well, and who has a great soundtrack playing to offset the pivotal moments of her life for a show that is one step down from porn and is adding nothing to society except more fodder for a teenage boy’s spank bank? Out comes the angry feminist side of me! Thus, I must support Veronica and her gang of spunky, well-dressed, and murder-ridden friends.

And I still have not mentioned that the show is probably one of most well written shows I’ve ever seen. It’s right after Sex and the City, in my always-right opinion. And Kristen Bell (aka Veronica) is hot. Seriously hot. As in, hot enough to make me become a lesbian. As in, is she human? Now that’s a show I’m not deleting from my TiVo.


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