Four Eyes

A few weeks ago, I went to the eye doctor. It was partially because I was overdue for an eye exam and partially as another aspect of the “figure out what the heck’s wrong with me campaign.” I came out with fresh boxes of contacts and an order in for new glasses. They came in while I was in the hospital and I am not sure if I like them now…

They look like this. Although this picture doesn’t really capture how black they look on my Casper-esque skin and how white the white edges actually are. Yes, they are saucy, but is that me? Sassy, yes, but saucy? Oh, and they cost me considerably more than the price listed here. Plus I really paid out the toosh for the lenses too. Vanity is not cheap! In order to get no-line bifocals that are plastic and UV protected and whatever else I get, I could have paid for twelve children in Uganda to eat for a month. But then again, I look saucy now. Who needs to eat when there is sauciness involved?


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