I’ve been avoiding blogging about this, really because I have an amazing capacity for denial and writing about it would make it a little too real. But, stuff has now moved past where I can bury myself in lawyerly things and on-line shopping and I find myself in “deal with it” mode. Since mid-December, I’ve been passing out and having trouble talking. Long story short, despite being proactive about seeking treatment, I still landed in the hospital for two days this week. Luckily, I now have a name to put with my medical problems and it really isn’t even a bad one. Looks like I will be able to control most of this with medication until it either goes away or until I get old and gray and am not able to talk or stand up anyway. But, while the doctor figures out which drug I should take and how much, I can’t drive. For three to six months at least. Suck-o. Welcome to being 12 again. Plus, the current drug du jour is making me sleepy and tired and I think somewhat narcoleptic. Needless to say, while I might have plenty of time to blog, I expect it will be spent curled in a ball on the bed dreaming about marrying Hans Solo. Where does that leave us, my dear Five Devoted Fans? I probably will be blogging sporadically at best and I won’t be checking my email so there is no point in sending me “why haven’t you blogged” hate mail. When life is in order and I’m not randomly falling/sleeping again, I plan on writing my heart out. I’m going to have plenty of fodder!

Ta ta for now…


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