The V-Day Game Plan, Part Two, or a pictorial of sorts

My grand plan for a Singles Valentine’s Day didn’t exactly work out. I was trapped indoors because of this:

But I shook it off. After all, the celebration of love goes beyond one day (plus having a snow day from work was a bonus) and since this was my event, I could enact a “weather delay.” Originally, I planned to just go with my flowers/shopping/eating plan on Thursday but work got in the way. Then there was the weekend, and then… Before I knew it, it was a week later and I was still trying to figure out how to appropriately honor Being Single on the Day of Love. Should I follow my original game plan but on a different day? Should I do something else? Bowling perhaps? It was a hard issue. After all, the expression of love is something that should be incorporated into everything we do anyway, so this had to be an extravaganza, an Excess of Love. And it could take many forms since the concept of love is so varied… There is love of that one special guy (in my case, it’s Heath Ledger), love of mankind (except when they are schmucks), love of God and His bounty (and God gaveth Chipotle and Diet Coke and I said, “Hallelujah! Praise God!”), and… There were so many possible ways to belatedly celebrate my V-Day singleness and darned if I knew what I was going to do, but then, my Big Boss told me I was going to Chicago for work. Bingo! I would stick to the original plan but change the location. It was perfect; there was tradition (flowers), feasting (dinner), and the next best thing to sex (shoe shopping, duh!) but in a nifty location I seldom get to visit.

Cue: Chicago, last Wednesday.

I went to eat at a swanky-ish restaurant in the Windy City. I couldn’t go too fancy (wearing jeans), I was working under a deadline (plane to catch), and had some mileage limitations (had to be within rolly-luggage bag rolling distance). Still, I managed to find this place that was not at my hotel and not at the airport and had a dinner menu at 3 p.m. That was as good as it was going to get given my situation. The restaurant was named after the Starlight Lounge (for those ignorant of mobster history, that’s the speakeasy Al Capone once frequented during prohibition) but this place wasn’t too starlighty–it was actually a hole in the wall with cheap beer and a goofy looking bouncer. But I accomplished one item on the V-Day Plan: eat.

Cue: Nordstroms (mecca of shoeaholics everywhere).

Next on the agenda was to shop. And oh baby, I did… I now refer to Exhibit A. Strappy, versatile (I can wear them with so many of my suits), and spunky. These are some darn cute shoes. Plus, they look feisty with fishnets. (although the picture angle here isn’t flattering)

Exhibit B: How could I resist? They are pinkish, that’s kind of like love-related, and thus on point with the theme of the evening. Tenuous, I know, but the cute factor makes up for the rest.

Exhibit C: This purchase is still in debate (in fact, votes on keeping it or not can be logged in the comment section) and might be returned to Nordstroms. I saw it,liked it and thought I better get it since I am very picky about purses. With my usual basic black purse once again in for an extended stay at the Kate Spade Purse Hospital, I’ve been on the look out. While it’s grown on me and I am starting to love it, is that enough?

Although, it looks beauteous in my hand…

That was the end of the shopping component and I had to run to grab my plane. Turns out I was there in plenty of time thanks to yet another air travel delay and so I was able to buy myself a flower/pen combo at the gift shop. It’s silk, it’s tacky, it’s blue and it lights up. I love it. Step three of the Valentine’s Day Extravaganza (re:flowers) and my celebration of Single Girl Love complete.


One Response to “The V-Day Game Plan, Part Two, or a pictorial of sorts”

  1. Laina Says:

    Love the shoes, especially the pinkish shoes…not feeling the purse. Too shiny or something. And the handle is a little too small for my liking–I need something that can at least be looped over my arm when necessary. I realize that being childless, this isn’t a HUGE priority for you, but it does come in handy nonetheless. 😀

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