One Year Blog-o-versary!

After one year, here are the pertinent details…

Blog Facts:
The look: changed twice, but still based on those provided by The System (tech stuff baffles me)
The name: the question remains unanswered
Hits: a lot
Fans: 7 (including my mother, my grandmother, and my best friend who I badger to go read every time I update)
Posts: enough to represent a substantial time suck
Topics: varied but largely related to random things I want to buy from the Internet. Oh, and Britney Spears pre-K-Fed

Blog Mistress Facts:
Lawyerly job: got a new one
Boyfriend: plus one, minus one, thus a wash
Cash flow: still substantially depleted due to shoes and martinis
Housing situation: improved, but still in need of on-site laundry facilities

Bionic Blog Facts:
Suicide attempts: five, arguably six
Partners in crime: down several fish, up one willing kitten accomplice
Miscellaneous mayhem: too much to document


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