Bionic Trampoline

This walking pneumonia has really been taking a lot out of me. Most nights, after work and making dinner, all I have energy to do is lay on my aesthetically pleasing but totally uncomfortable Poverty Barn couch and watch T.V. I am still coughing up a lung (actually, that is almost literally true) and when I lay down, the fluid builds up in my lungs or something and I cough more. But does that stop me from laying on the couch? Nope, I am flat on my back, and coughing will just have to happen.

Bionic Kitty is a particular fan of this situation. She’s always been into sitting on my chest. In fact, when she’s squishing around my ample boobs, it’s the only time she smiles. I guess my cat is actually pervie. Anyway, lately, between her weight and the prone couch position, the coughing can get really intense. Yet, instead of getting up, Bionic Kitty loves this. She starts to sort of bounce on my chest as I cough and then she purrs. The first time this happened, I thought something was wrong with my T.V. She never purrs. Neeevvvveeerrrrr. Instead, she just sort of grins and that’s as good as it gets. But now that I’ve become her personal trampoline, she’s so happy when she gets jostled around, she sounds like a 747 engine. Now I will lay on the couch and she will immediately jump on my chest and wait. After about five seconds, she starts to bounce up and down and look at me expectantly. Last night, when I didn’t start to cough immediately, she actually hissed at me. Needless to say, she’s not getting treats anytime soon.


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