Run, sprint, hurl yourself towards Chipotle

I was engaging in my usual Friday afternoon revolt (aka the Down With Weight Watchers Lunch) and in line to get my Chipotle burrito when, behold! By the cash register I saw a CHIPOTLE CALENDAR! Yes, 12 pictures of lovely burritos displayed in scenic, month-appropriate environments (except for June. I don’t get the June pictoral). And it was a bargin at only $5.00. I instantly knew I had to have it and got out more cash.

I doubt the funds go to a good cause, like giving burritos to those not fortunate enough to buy their own little piece of edible heaven because they live in a box on South High Street. In fact, the proceeds from the intense calendar sales (that I’m sure are about to commence) probably just go towards expanding the Chipotle Empire. But that’s cool; as long as they spread the goodness. My Burrito Propaganda is now on my desk and I plan to use it to cross of the days until my next Friday Burrito Festivity.

Oh, and did I mention I was the first person to buy a calendar at that location? Yeah, I was first people. First! When everybody runs out to get their own calendars, remember who lead the pack…And hurry, there are only a few more days to enjoy January’s lovely depiction of “A Burrito meets the New Year.”


One Response to “Run, sprint, hurl yourself towards Chipotle”

  1. Laina Says:

    Remember how committed Chipotle is to being environmentally friendly…I’m sure the proceeds go toward helping some damn dirty hippy organization save the Earth. (“Damn dirty hippy” is a technical term, and should always be used as a whole).

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