Bionic Kitty: the suicide attempts continue

I’m not sure what to do about Bionic Kitty’s latest suicide attempt. While it was half-hearted at best, it could have had very disastrous results. This time, she’s alive, healthy, and there were no vet bills involved (thank you, Jesus). I am beginning to seriously think that cat needs some sort of intervention or cat-counseling. I can’t decide if she’s just really stupid or acting out or the cat version of Fat Albert because she will eat anything…

Today, after a long, hard day at the place where I do Lawyerly Things, I was really looking forward to coming home, throwing on some sweat pants and fuzzy red socks, and watching the episode of American Idol that I Tivoed on Tuesday. Small problem: Tivo mysteriously has no power. Um, trauma. Frantically, I run through a mental list of Things That Could Be Wrong: I know I paid my cable bill, the TV works, and I have power. So, I went to investigate the wires and plugs in the mess behind the TV. I thought maybe something got unattached from its plug home or something.

After about 15 minutes untangling my Cord Jungle, I realized that stupid Bionic Kitty ate the Tivo cord. How she managed to avoid electrocution while still chewing through the cord is a true Act of God or maybe it’s her Bionicness coming out again. Regardless, I am now going to have to pay $18.00 for a new cord and have to wait for the Cable Man to come out and replace it between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday. And I didn’t get to see American Idol or that Lifetime reenactment show about Price William becoming a Man. Eeek! I might ask the cable guy to take Bionic Kitty with him.


One Response to “Bionic Kitty: the suicide attempts continue”

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