An Official Proclomation (of Sorts)

Whereas, I am tired and have had a long week.
Whereas, I think The Man is getting me down.
Whereas, I learned today that my workplace has blocked several of my favorite lunch-time-brain-power-restoring Internet sites including Perez Hilton, Ann Taylor and Zappos (aka Shoe Heaven).
Whereas, I wish to passive-aggressively protest this atrocity.
Therefore, I hereby officially deem tomorrow: Avoid Productive Work At All Costs Day!
Whereas, this must be fully celebrated.
Whereas, I suddenly find that I can still dedicate myself to a worthy cause.
Therefore, I have engaged in some pre-planning and compiled a list of websites which might aid in achieving avid and more effective procrastination.

Please see below:

And I quote: Angus MacDougall is a three-year-old terrier mix that has recently been blessed with the revered and holy image of Jesus Christ on his hindquarters.

Google Brad Pitt’s Butt and find treasure. Including a South Park script. Mom, do not read this. I’m warning you…

YouTube has lots of stuff, including nifty commercials. I hear tell that Jack White wrote the music.

I continue to be amazed that sanitary products are so versatile.

I want a witty boyfriend.

New Kids on the Block’s Step By Step video. Hello sixth grade. I missed you.

Arlo. He’ll rock you. I mean, ROCK YOU!

Kevin Smith’s iTunes celebrity playlist that never was. Boo!

Photoshop is a powerful tool that brings together many fine things.

The inner geek in me loves these pictures of Star Wars peeps mixed in with Parisian architecture.

10 reasons the Price is Right won’t be the same without Bob. Double Boo!

Waiting for this site to load is totally worth it. Really. Wait until it shows the FULL-SIZE RED FERRARI she knitted with 12 miles of yarn. I still cannot get over it.

If album covers could talk… Not suitable for work, mothers or grandmothers (I mean it).

Britney Spears: I love you! A montage of videos, pre-K-Fed.

100 totally awesome music videos. This will kill some time.

27 Worst Family Feud Answers. Evah!

Quiz: Are you an Yankee or a Redneck, I mean, Rebel?


One Response to “An Official Proclomation (of Sorts)”

  1. Terri S. Says:

    Where do you find this stuff? I must be using the wrong internet!!HAHA

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