A Horrible Thought

There is this nifty little thing in Blog Land which I have never learned how to fully use. It’s called SiteMeter. I’ve had some little ticker gizmo on here since the inception of my blog but I’ve never explored what fun things are tied into it. Tonight seemed like the perfect night to do so since my neighbor (who I share an entire side of my house with thanks to the wonderfulness of living in a condo) has decided to breed elephants with horny donkeys. Yes, really. What else could possible explain the loud thumping sounds running around her house and up and down the stairs? Especially when the thumps are followed by rather loud “hee-haw-haw” sounds. But I digress…Point is, I couldn’t sleep with all the thump/hee-haw commotion and so I needed something boring to do which might make me sleepy enough to block out the insanity next door. Presto! Figure out SiteMeter and the counter thingie.

Well, it seems I can see where people who visit my blog are from. It’s been confirmed that I have eight Loyal Readers. Progress! I only had seven yesterday. I’ve also noticed something rather alarming. I’ve had a repeat visitor from an obscure town in Florida. The same obscure town where my grandmother lives.


Mom: Did you explain blogging to her? Did you give her the site? Did you have to walk her through how to get to it? Isn’t it enough that you’ve seen a picture of my boob with “Hey Baby” written on it? But now Grandma has, too? We are not trying to give her heart attacks here!

The hee-hawing has stopped but now I’m so disturbed by thoughts of what my Grandmother and her fellow Republican Women’s Club members have possibly read that I can’t sleep. The balance of the universe has been upset…


2 Responses to “A Horrible Thought”

  1. Lisa Says:

    So, apparently you can’t comment on the sitemeter (at the bottom) but it never dawned on me that Dar Williams is the inspiration to your blogname! I LOVE DAR! I have basically worn out the albums I have, and unfortunately that means I can’t any new ones since I’m poor and all that. I really want to get them all, except for the new ones because I don’t think I like them. Anyway, You keep on sitemetering. You’ll have more Loyal Readers yet!


  2. Laina Says:

    Bwahahaha, your grandma saw your boob!! Wait, my grandma sees me getting ready for work in all my pregnant glory on a regular basis. However, MY grandma would never in her life fit in with a Republican Women’s Club. She’s probably what they think they must save our country from. She even knows what the “c” word means AND HAS USED IT IN A SENTENCE!! See, being a hilbilly has it’s advantages. Along with the fact that she wouldn’t be shocked by my blog, there’s the fact that she can’t even work a mouse. 🙂

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