The Resolution List

Things to accomplish in 2007:

1. Find out what’s happened to the New Kids on the Block Fan Club and join it.

2. Save enough money for liposuction. Um, kidding.

3. Somehow convince my landlord that the wallpaper is in fact hideous and needs to come down.

4. Blog more because then I might hit ten Loyal Readers.

5. Keep Bionic Kitty alive. That means no more poisonous plants to eat, no more cat treats to inhibit the new Cat Diet Action Plan, and more feather toys to entice her to engage in some sort of non-sleeping behavior.

6. Buy Ann Taylor stock. Oh, and stock in vodka.

7. Eat more veggies. Apparently they are good for me.

8. Help Mom realize that I will not become engaged, reproduce, or otherwise take any decisive steps which will lead to the further propagation of the Earth and/or providing her with grandchildren in this calendar year.

9. Move the shoe collection to the office closet. It is bigger than the current shoe closet located in the hall and thus will allow for the further expansion of my footwear stock pile.

10. Learn to cook a Fritata. Because that word is fun to say and it sounds impressive to say that I can. Perhaps I should learn how to spell that word as well…

Happy New Year!


One Response to “The Resolution List”

  1. Lisa Says:

    In reference to your fritata goal… give me a buzz. I can hook a sister up. They are SUPER EASY! Rachael Ray taught me. Yes, me directly. We’re buds. =)


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