The Awesomest New Years Eve Party Ever

Well it wasn’t totally the awesomest one ever, but considering that my best friend asked me to throw it a few weeks ago so she could have someplace to watch Carson Daily ring in the New Year, it wasn’t too bad. (Wow, that was a long sentence.) I’ve always thought that a good measure of the success of a party was by the amount of trash generated. The idea being more trash indicates a lot of drinking which directly correlates to the amount of frivolities and general festivitious nature. In this case, I had four bags of trash post-party and two during the event. That’s a lot of beer and champagne. Plus, I don’t even want to think about the amount of dishes and mopping I have to do still…
This morning I had a very late breakfast with Amy (there’s your blog mention Amy — everybody say “hi” to Amy) and she mentioned that while she didn’t see her bed until after 3 a.m., she also woke up this morning feeling fine. For Amy, that indicates that we can still party but also fool the world into thinking we are adults. My response: I’ve still got almost 40 beers in my fridge; you should have had more to drink!
Oh, if I have ABBA on my iPod, it does not mean I have bad taste in music. Rather, it just means I appreciate the music of a bygone era as well as today’s classics like “Sexy Back” and whatever the other teeny boppers are listening to. But, a shout of thanks does go out to Gregapolis, the DJ extraordinaire, for allowing the use of his iPod. It is filled with good old late ’90s rock and that’s apparently what the demographic of the party demanded. Yeah, I think that qualifies as adult…

Little Brother and Girlfriend of Little Brother. She was wearing skinny jeans tucked into her boots because she is hip. Little Brother has a hip Girlfriend. Um, when did he become cool enough to pull that off?

Little Brother loves his older sister.

The button down shirt brigade.

The boys talking about boy things outside in the back fenced in area.

Jim experiments with a thong.

It fits!

Sort of…

Two blonds. Yes, Debra, your hair is blond.

Amy and Katherine. I think Amy might have just polluted the air.

Rob and Laura.

Jim celebrates his girly, glittery side further by donning a tiara.

This is the picture that will give my mother heart attacks.

Amy and Gretchen talking and striking a pose.

Making use of the wipe board in naughty, very adult ways.

Rachel and Katherine.

We have crowns. You do not. Boo.

Gretchen and John compare technology.


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