Meme I stole from Laina

So, I am supposed to pick a band/singer and answer the questions with song titles from that band/singer…

Artist/band: Madonna (because I worship her almost as much as a gay guy worships Cher)
Are you male or female: Material Girl (from Like a Virgin)
Describe Yourself: Ray of Light (from Ray of Light)
How do some people feel about you: Oh What a Circus (from Evita)
How do you feel about yourself: The Lady’s Got Potential (from Evita)
Describe where you want to be: La Isla Bonita (from True Blue)
Describe what you want to be: Something to Remember (from Something to Remember)
How you Live: Causing a Commotion (from Who’s that Girl) or Where’s the Party (from True Blue)
Describe how you love: Love Won’t Wait (an unreleased demo) or Love Song (Like a Prayer)
Share a few words of wisdom: Vogue and Hanky Panky (both from I’m Breathless)

The end!


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