Debi and Katherine Do Martinis

Are you ready for some drunk bologging? Yeah? Yeah!!!!

Kate and Debi celebarte the holiday. Debi is Jewish but she styill can celberate. We arent allowed to talk about small penisis. Is that hte correct plural? Regardless, I am not allowe dto talk about it.

Debi says: Ok, hi, I’m ptying. We called a lopt of appeeps tonight. If you were 0ne of thjem, soory, I can’t ype. Nate isawesome. John should con e toi the NYA party. I will ROAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Kate: You are drunk and cant’ type. Worse than me. Happy Christ mas, myt fine jewesh friend.

Debi: I can dso mtype. You canteven spell Jwewish, you bitchch. AND tyou PUHNC HED ME!

kATE: i did not NOT TNOT NOT NOT punch you. It was a love tap. In the vicinity of your hgead. It was an accident and it did not involve my fist. And you laugjed/ So there. My mom is going to read this. I am in so much trouvkle.

Debi: HI MNRS JOPHNSONq!!!!1111111

kATE: i NEED TO TURN OFF CAPS LOCK. iy id off now, but I think itali cs is on. Did you get a text message. Ben, that had better be you. Because Debi LOOOOOVVVVeeeeess you. Text message her, you fool!

Oh, and do you read myb log Benjamini? Because, really, you should.

Debi: benjamkini!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tNT’S ASTAPM,WE!!!!!!!!!!

Kate: What is that suppopsed to be? I dont’ think yiou get any more martinis/ PS: yuour shirt is covered in carpet cleaner because yoiu spilled. Over yoru shirt and my carpte. So sad.

Debi: I only psilled because you hitme and and it hurt, you suck. Hwn ythe heate. Can we have more margartida please!!?!?!?!?

Kate: I DID NOT HIT YIOU FOR THE LOVE ALL THAT IS HOLY!! This is the birthdate of out lord Jesus and you are balshphemising and lying and saying i hit you whith the martini thing and i did no SUHC THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I loveyo uso much and you are my best friend. that Ashton Kutcher movie we are watghcing sucks. A lot. And FYI, I thin you are awesone. buit I did not think that Liam Neeson was hot in the last movie.

Debi: TYESA HE WAS! I heart Liam. I think we need more margaritas adnmd OI wish you would astop hitti\ng me. WHTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate: It am not hitting you, for the love of God. Stop saying thjat. You ARE MEAN TO ME. Stop that pain. I don’t know hwy Ben hates uys. Yoiu just hit me. The cats arte looking at us funny. Stop hittingmy cats!!! They are fragile beings and only know love. Dude. They are too fast for you. Stop crawling down the stairs after them. No more marttyinis for you./

Tjhe end.


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