Cabin Adventure 2006! Or, Hot Tubs Are Fun

Every year my hodge-podged group of college buddies and I rent a cabin in the Hocking Hills and spend a weekend drinking, soaking in a hot tub, and generally engaging in mischievous acts. This is a big production spearheaded by two lovely friends who start scoping out cabins in October and start collecting money in November. They involve a third friend to be the enforcer on the money collection thing. he is imaginary and they call him Bubba. He performs his duties well…

Anyway, there is also a Food Committee with subcommittees like the Salad Sub-committee and the Katherine Will Bring Syrup Sub-sub-breakfast-committee. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the all important Keg Committee. The keg purchase is always difficult as some people like fine beers like Guinness or things that cost $2 bajillion a keg. Others (like me) are happy with Natti Light. After all, if we are all drinking like we ought on this Cabin Adventure, we won’t taste a thing and can buy more because Natti is so cheap.

There really weren’t any good stories (that I can share) from this years expedition in the semi-wilderness. I did successfully manage to irk a couple of friends, and I am still humbly apologizing. (this is me, once again, apologizing, darn it) We also watched Elf. It’s a good movie, darn it.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures…

Jenna and Chris eat cookies and play Euchre, for the 891,657,616,579,846,498th time.

Greg and Jenna and more cards. Notice Jenna is smiling. She must be liking the Natti.

Poker! And John looks disgusted because he has not taken every body’s money yet.

John’s self portrait. Um, he definitely helped cash the keg by this point.

Look at all those hot chicks in the hot tub. Oh, and Greg’s there, too.

Jenna, Rob and Laura on Saturday morning, er, afternoon. Please excuse Laura’s sweatshirt. We love her, even if she sometimes wears sweatshirts produced by the enemy.

Chris shows us his beer gut that has developed in the last hour.

Cathy finds something very funny.

Watching Elf.

Kelly, Katherine, Jenna and Laura upon arrival, while the men carry in the heavy stuff.

General picture.


A cannon full of tequila! All the way from Mexico! And other assorted beverages.

Chris with the original Cabin Adventure cup which he has saved and brought on each trip because he is cool like dat.


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