Happiness in tin foil

I am devoted to Chipotle. Really, really devoted. In fact, I attribute the generous size of my tooshy directly to avid Chipotle consumption (and my hatred of all things that resemble a StairMaster). Once a year, on Halloween, the fine folks at Chipotle reward their loyal patrons by offering free food to those dressed as a burrito. Needless to say, I was all over that.

What constitutes a burrito outfit? Basically, some strategically placed tin foil and maybe a green t-shirt to represent the guac. And dare I forget, all takers also have to look like a tin foil ninny while standing in line. But that’s still a small price to pay for a free burrito.

This year, I somehow coerced three people who do lawyerly things with me to come along and engage the tin foil madness. We drove to our local Chipotle, grabbed the roll of tin foil I brought to work, and made ourselves some styling burrito-ish outfits. And voila: free burritos.

Boo-riffic Boo-ritos are free today!

Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.

Where we try to take a picture of ourselves and miss two of the four Burrito-Gals…

Alien foil heads
Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.

Nirvana in a bag!

For the love of Chipotle
Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.


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