Sick Day

For the last two days, I’ve been home sick. It’s a mixed blessing. On one hand, I don’t have to wear a suit and do lawyerly things. On the other hand, Tivo and Robitussin will keep me entertained for only so long. Still, if I get past the fever and aches and the not showering since Wednesday thing, illness is not a bad way to pass the day.

My overriding concern while sick is the location of my next nap. The bed versus couch debate is crucial to a swift and full recovery. I’m not sure why, but I just know it is. Anyway, the bed is great for longer naps like the “fall asleep while reading a trashy romance” nap or the “this is supposedly a nap, but it might last all night” nap. The couch is great for the twenty minute snooze, the sort-of watching TV/sort-of sleeping thing, and those times when walking from the kitchen back to the bedroom is just too long and a mid-point rest nap is required.

Nose blowing is also a serious concern when sick. I don’t want to rub my cute little schnoz raw from too much wiping, but then again, drippage is not attractive. I’m generally too lazy to toss my used tissues into the garbage can immediately, so a pile the size of Mt. Rushmore eventually builds up around my nap zone. My cats love this. Apparently, used Kleenex tastes really good and is fun to jump in or carry around and shred. Oh, and God has seen fit to curse me with a big zit on the end of my nose right now. Try to blow and not make that hurt!

When in good health, I generally support hygiene. But showering goes out the window in the face of a fever. It’s now been two days and I’m still wearing the same pajamas. Granted, I’ve brushed my teeth repeatedly, but the state of my body is starting to reach critical dirtiness. I can see the aura of body odor surrounding me. But am I ready to take a shower? Nope, not yet. I’ve got at least another good day of grossness to build up before I can’t stand myself anymore.

I finally cracked and decided that a trashy romance was the way to go as far as entertainment. When I’m sick, I usually just watch my Sex and the City DVDs, because that was only the best show EVER and Carrie’s shoes make me feel all light and fuzzy inside. But not this time. For some reason, I really wanted to read about the feisty governess who did not cower in the face of the intimidating but good-at-heart viscount. While reading is generally something I love, having to fight Bionic Kitty off the book is too much of an effort in my depleted state. She likes to eat books, but only books that I am holding. Twenty pounds of determined cat sitting on my chest is a little taxing when breathing is challenging to begin with. Let alone trying to keep her jaws of book death away…

It’s time to sleep again. I’ve experienced 20 minutes of wakefulness and that must be balanced by 40 minutes of snoozing…


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