The Toledo Luggage Problem Plays Again!

My favorite cover band recently gave their second performance. Once again, it was at the high-end musical venue, The Dolphin Lounge. Nancy, the owner of the afore mentioned bar, wanted to draw in the crowd so she wisely booked The Toledo Luggage Problem for one night last month. As expected, it was a sold-out crowd (or rather as sold-out as one could expect at the swanky Dolphin Lounge, which holds 50 people and 16 cases of beer, plus assorted Dolphin related velvet paintings). It seems the fame of The Toledo Luggage Problem is spreading! (Hey, they were mentioned in one line in The Other Paper… If that’s not fame, what is?)

TTLP The Band
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Once again, it was a stellar performance, led by the vocal prowess of Dave. In an effort to be the rocker that he is at heart, Dave really stepped it up for this show. He did that jumping thing that Gwen Steffani and all the punk singers do. You know, that one thing, where they jump up and down, with their back to the crowd, which for some reason makes everybody in the audience go bonkers. And this time was no different. It was as if Dave were saying, “I’m a Hot Cover Band Rocker so watch me turn my Hot Cover Band Back to you and jump.” And the 50 people were like “Yes, Dave, you are a Hot Cover Band Rocker who turned and jumped so we must cheer and scream at your Hot Cover Band Back.” But later, Dave really stepped it up to Rocker Greatness when he engaged in a bit of crowd interaction. It was truly a Moment when he left the stage and went to sing and play among the audience. For a brief moment, the audience and Dave became one.

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Jim the studly bassist also was at his best during the rockin’ performance. As always, Jim handled the Big Yellow Banana (that would be his base or bass or whatever the proper spelling is, not something dirty) with style and finesse. Jim is definetly an an old pro at handling this sort of thing. And not only was Jim musically suave, he also engaged in witty banter that kept the audience chuckling. While I can’t remember any of the laugh-out-loud-funny lines, I know they were great and worthy of repeating. If only I could recall what they were… Still, Jim was undoubtedly a crowd favorite. Watching a giant, bald, horny teddy bear-like man with a Big Yellow Banana… Strangely sexy and oddly priceless.

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As always, John, on lead guitar, was a favorite with the ladies (and the same-sex leaning crowd). It must be the radio station t-shirt he persists in wearing to every TTLP performance. Or, maybe it’s the fine tooshy he sports. After all, some of the ladies in the front row requested he turn around so that they could check it out. And some other ladies (and a gentleman) did throw unmentionable undergarments at him during a rousing rendition of “Stacy’s Mom.” While Jim and his Big Yellow Banana is unquestionably the Sexy One in the line-up, John and his tooshy are a close second. Still, John is more than one fine piece of ass… He also showcased his musical talent with multiple excellent solos and some fancy foot-pedal action. And once again, he used that shiny silver thing that makes the guitar sound funky. It was nifty.

TTLP Lance Goodthrust
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Finally, Rob rounded out the rockin’ sound of the TTLP. It was a great night for all the bandies, but in particular Rob was on fire. Not only was he playing on his fancy new drum kit (which looked lovely and sparkling under the lights), Rob the drummer was constantly surrounded a lovely fog from the smoke machine. It added a feeling of authenticity and a true rock star quality to Rob and his performance. Rob not only looked the part thanks to his red drums and the smoke, he also laid down some solid beats. There were even a few moments of Tommy Lee-esque flare when he did some smashy symbol work. The crowd loved it and brought out their glowing cell phones to prove their fandom… Plus, Rob didn’t break his finger this time. All in all, a fine night indeed for Rob and the gentlemen of the Toledo Luggage Problem.

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Dave and John rock out…note the coolio “fins up” fireplace in the background…

TTLP Dave and John
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The first step to making a life-size cut out of John…

TTLP John and his undies
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John gives autographs (it was either this or his adoring fans would grab his tooshy)…

One step on the way to fame…the first autograph.
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Phil is touched by greatness (and sports some nifty fan gear)…

Sporting Official TTLP Gear
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The fans who came all the way from The Natti… The few, the proud, the dedicated, the Foxes!

Chris and Cathy
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A stroke-victim gears up to throw things…

A Target Thong
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Granny panties that will later find their way on stage…A shout out to Target for providing these for the grand price of 91 cents…

91 cent granny panties
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Other stuff that will be thrown shortly…

Chris models, Cathy goes nuts!
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Post Throw
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Striking a pose…

Kissy Kissy
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At TTLP Show
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All good photos are by Kelly. All the bad ones are by Katherine.


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