Minorly Annoying Things

1. The lady in the check out line of the grocery store yesterday who had a cart full of itty bitty items that took over 20 minutes to scan and total while she just stood there, aimlessly twirling her hair and staring at the prepubescent bag boy. After the total came up and the cashier repeated it three times, she then decided to pull out the checkbook and start filling everything in. Did I mention this was in the express lane, which actually also only allows 12 items or less, and I only wanted to buy milk…

2. Getting the last bit of shampoo out of the bottle, especially when I forgot to buy more at the grocery store yesterday and as a firm believer in hygiene, I must wash my hair. With shampoo. And I know there’s still some in there! So, it’s shake shake shake. Eventually, when I take the top off and bash the bottle repeatedly into my palm, out plops enough to wash four heads.

3. That key boards and telephones and calculators all have the numbers in different sequences. Why people, why?

4. When the end of the ginormous role of toilet paper in a public bathroom gets stuck up in side the wall mounted holder thingie and I have to try to fish it out at strange and weird angles while simultaneously trying not to sit down, drop trow too far, or cuss at the TP because I just saw my boss’ shoes walk by my stall door.

5. When a friend buys the same shirt I do, and it looks cuter on her. And then she mentions she got it on sale.

6. That water that comes out of the ketchup bottle and sogs up perfectly good fries.

7. Not having any 2 cent stamps left but lots of 37 cent stamps and needing to mail something.

8. Learning hat pink frosted cookies with sprinkles (yeah, those kind, the ones that taste soooo good) have 170 calories. Apparently, God does not like diets.


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