Homage to Small Town Life

Recently, my friends took me to the Croton (aka Ohio town in the middle of nowhere) Fair. In order for me to venture beyond the outer-belt, I generally have to be drunk and/or told there is a shoe sale. In case this, my friends used the other magic words: Demolition Derby. People aimlessly smashing cars into each other, without the benefit of a safety harness, really appeals to my lawyerly side. Where most people see mindless entertainment, I see whiplash, reckless endangerment, and a 33% contingency fee. In a word, heaven. Of course I went.

It was a night of fun, frivolity, and mullets. For the viewing pleasure of my six Loyal Readers (three of whom were in attendance), here are the pictures, kindly supplied by Kelly…

Waiting for the action to commence

Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.

Where things get demolished

Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.

Smash! Boom! Powee!

Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.

He needs my card

Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.

Kelly goes Hick, or the World’s Most Awesome Shirt

Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.

Kelly on the Ski Game at the Arcade

Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.

Note John’s getting checked out in the background

Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.


Originally uploaded by kjohnsonesq.

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