Celebrity in need of a stylist, and other celebrity links

It appears Scarlett Johannson has a fungus growing out of her head.

Tow things about Anna Nicole Smith… First, I feel kind of bad that her sone died. Second, she looks scary.

Undies, Lindsey. Undies.


One Response to “Celebrity in need of a stylist, and other celebrity links”

  1. Laina Says:

    Scarlet’s hair is definitely scary.

    I was going to slam you for saying Anna Nicole looked scary after losing her son AND giving birth in the same week, because who wouldn’t look scary after that, but I realize it was an old pic. And yes, yes she did.

    Oh, and I heard the Lohan pic was photoshopped. No word on whether it’s true or not, but apparently it first appeared on Perez Hilton, who worships Paris Hilton who has an ongoing feud with Lindsay and so his motives are pretty suspect. I really should put some of my logical and investigative skills to work for some paying customers, eh? 😀

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