Crucial Items That Are Missing From My Life

Once again, I continue my quest to have any and all random, un-needed, but totally awesome kitchen gadgets in existence. The Onion Goggles ranks pretty high on the Must Purchase List. Some very bored individual invented these goggles to block those pesky onion gasses from reaching my precious eyeballs, thus preventing tearing up and mascara disaster. Cute? Nay. Stylish? Um, negative. But still worthy of an honorable mention for in the Most Stupid Kitchen Invention That Katherine Wants category.

I don’t eat melons. Not sure why, but I don’t. Maybe because they are healthy and squishy and for me, that is generally a combo that turns off. Regardless, I think I need a Melon Ease. Just in case I decide to eat some cantalope. Or in case I need a torture device.

Ben and Jerry’s silly little lock is not enough to keep a desperate Weight Watcher out of the ice cream stash when a real fix is needed. Who are they kidding? I scoff at their pathetic attempt…

WOW…face-infested lunchmeat. Cool. Ok, I’d never eat this (for SO many reasons). It’s a little scary and gross, and, well, not available in this country. But still, I thought it was worth sharing. Come on, pork meat with a clown face on it?!?!?! And it even has a cute haircut. Ok, maybe they struck out with this one — but they can’t ALL be winners.


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