The Britney Tragedy Continues…

Some people need fashion help. Some people need a mirror. Some people have no hope. Guess where Britney Spears falls.

But maybe naked is not better. Especially when the innocent people of Japan are invovled.


2 Responses to “The Britney Tragedy Continues…”

  1. Laina Says:

    Here’s what annoys me about the “naked” pics though. As much as I hate Britney Spears, the complaints were about her bare midriff and thighs–not breasts, no crotch showing, not the usual things that people get in an uproar about. And to that I say that they wouldn’t even raise a stink if it wasn’t PREGGO midriff and thighs. And for that reason, I think it’s shitty. The airbrush artist did a lovely job making her tummy and thighs look smooth and stretchmarkless, so I think the people of Japan need to stop being so damn sensitive.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Kate, WTF? You’ve had 3 days since the trip to Miami and nothing new has been added in like a week or more.

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