A Conversation

Mother: I think we should start to consider buying a new car. The minivan is on its last legs.

Father: Fine, but whatever we get, well, it’s gotta haul wood.

Mother: I was thinking a nice car for retirement. Maybe a Cadillac. Or a BMW.

Father: That does not haul wood.

Mother: It could be sporty. With a sunroof.

Father: The wood would not fit.

Mother: Maybe in red? I’m tired of silver cars.

Father: Woooooooood. Woooooooooood.

Mother: I could drive it and you could dive the Honda.

Father: Which also does not haul wood.

Mother: I could see myself in a sporty little car like that. Or maybe one of those new Volvos.

Father: Wood? Board feet? Lumber yard?

Mother: Yes, we definitely need a new car.

Father: Only after I can haul the wood to build the coffin which will hold my dead body so you can buy the new non-wood haluling car over it.


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