I am supposedly related to you?

My parents are out of town this week. Mom went down to Florida to work on her tan and to take a refresher course on “How to Properly Interrogate Your Daughter Regarding Her Love Life” from my grandmother. Afterall, she’s been a little lax lately. My dad is at wood working boot camp where he will be making a cabinet. And, he’s visiting my other grandmother. So, I fully expect him to come back with some cookies. That leaves my brother home alone. Yep, he’s still living at Chez Parental.

I went over to my parents’ house this morning at about 9:30. Yes, I know that’s a bit early to bother Little Brother on a weekend, but I had 5 laundry baskets of dirty clothes and no clean undies. The situation was dire and I was not about to go to a laundry mat when there was an unused washer and dryer at Mom and Dad’s. (Note to self: after you buy a bigger bed, get a washer and dryer) Further, I had called Little Brother the day before to let him know I would be making use of the laundry facilities today. He had ample warning.

Anyway, I showed up, laundry baskets in tow, and opened the door. I walked in to find Little Brother and Friend watching MTV2. In Spanish. Needless to say, neither one of them is conversant in any language but English (despite my family living in Germany for six years). I did some wash, sat outside on the hammock, changed the load, and went back outside. They were still watching MTV2. In Spanish. Once again, I did a few more loads, made a late lunch, enjoyed the hammock. Little Brother and Friend were still watching MTV2. In Spanish. I finished my laundry, folded everything, hauled it out to the car, said goodbye (no response), and left.

I just called over there to see if I left my pillow cases. I asked my brother what he was doing. “Nothing. Just watching a little MTV2 in Spanish.”


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