Bionic Diet

This morning, while I was on the computer, Bionic Kitty decided to jump up onto the desk. She’s perpetually fascinated by the cursor and the movement of the mouse across the screen. As she landed, there was a loud thump and everything on the desk shook for a second. Later, she was settling into the ideal screen viewing position (which means she blocks the entire thing with her massive body) and she sat on a CD case. When she got up, I saw that it was broken into about 15 pieces. Consequently, I implemented a cat version of Weight Watchers, effective immediately.

Number Two could care less if she only gets fed twice a day and no longer has continious access to cat munchies. But Bionic Kitty has sat by her food bowl for the last two hours mewing piteously and glaring at me every time I come ithin five feet of the pantry, where the cat food it kept. I’m pretty sure the mewing translates to “Why are you starving me, you horrible, awful woman? If you don’t feed me soon, I will eat your fish again!!”

I’ve moved Einstein (who replaced Matlock) up a shelf…


2 Responses to “Bionic Diet”

  1. jcrewcowgirl Says:

    Hold up. Bionic murdered the new fish?!?! So now there is a newer fish?!?!? What kind of aquatic death trap are you running over there…

  2. Katherine Says:

    Yeah, sadly, my place is not known for being fish friendly…

    And it was Number Two has been the real killer to date. She kills everything–fish, the curtains, my couch, her stuffed toys, my toes, electric cords, Bionic Kitty, everything.

    This is the last attempt at fish and if this one doesn’t make it, I’ll give up…

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