A Few of My Favorite Things…

This month’s list…

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Black Cherry Chip from Graeter’s. Which I can’t currently eat because a scoop would be all my Weight Watchers points for an entire freaking month.

Favorite iPod Playlist: Move Your Ghetto Booty, Volume 5. I complied this masterpiece from such classics as Wannabe by the Spice Girls, Let’s Get it Started (the Spice Mix), Britney Spears’ Toxic as covered by some Spanish band, Ghostbusters, Jenny from the Block (the Dance Remix featuring Lil’ Kim) and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for a cool down song. I accidentally downloaded that last one and darn if I am not going to listen to it now that I paid $1 for it!

Favorite Olsen: Currently Mary Kate. Could change at any time.

Favorite Fantasy: Winning $462.46 million in the lottery and going to Jimmy Choo to buy every shoe I’ve ever wanted. Every season. Oh, and getting Nick Lachey and Lance Armstrong to be my cabana boys because I am so rich that I can.

Favorite Miscelaneous Office Supply: I am particularly fond of my hot pink post-its. I use them for everything, including playing tic-tac-toe with myself in moments of extreme office tedium.

Favorite Book: The Daring Dutchess. Throbbing members, heaving bosoms, and witty conversation, all set in the 1890s. Oh yeah! That’s literature!

Favorite Martini: Whichever one is in my hand.

Favorite TV show: That reality show about people who are deluded enough to believe that they are training to become actual superheros. Monkey Girl is totally my fave.

Favorite Ring Tone: It will soon be Paris Hilton’s new release. Just on principle.

Favorite Potato Product: All of them. I’m on Weight Watchers, so anything that I can’t eat sounds scrum-diddly-umptious.

Favorite Thing About Being a Lawyer: That I’m an Esquire. It sounds so official and hoitty-toitty.

Favorite Boardgame: Well, since nobody will play Scrabble with me for fear of humiliation and slaughter, I would have to go with Boggle Junior.

Favorite Place in My House: My shoe closet. Always and forever.


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