The Name Game

Dear Six (or possibly Seven) Devoted Readers:

My best friend learned today that she has a tumor. This tumor is sort of like having a child–one moment it’s a concept, and the next it’s a damn frightening reality that must be dealt with. While my friend and I were talking about the ramifications of this diagnosis, my BFF mentioned that she almost felt like it should have a name. Somehow, calling it “the tumor” made it sound like it couldn’t be discussed and was that much scarier. Thus, we’ve begun to engage in a game of Name That Tumor!!!!

The contenders so far (please note this tumor is female since it’s on her inside girly bits):

Personally, I’m all about naming it Theodora, but my bud likes Gretel. But with that name, I just keep wondering if that tumor is Gretel, is there going to be a mean old Wicked Witch tumor that’s far worse to face?


One Response to “The Name Game”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    OK Kate, you call men morons and then actively participate in a tumor naming contest. Thats f’d.

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