Things That I’m Coming Clean On

In the interests of honesty and total blog disclosure, I would like to publicly confess some of the things which make me un-cool…

1. I am counting the days until the return of American Idol.

2. I have a playlist on my iPod that is made up entirely of songs made famous by former Mouseketeers.

3. I Tivo Real World and have seen every episode of every season since the first season.

4. I once sent a fan letter to Tom Jones.

5. I have three cases of Diet Coke in my pantry because you never know.

6. I think Clay Aiken is totally hot.

7. When my US Weekly comes, I plop down on the couch and do not move until I have read every story. Literally.

8. I sing along with Celine songs when they come on the radio. Oh, and also with Barbara Streisand. Ok, and Cher.

9. If the toilet paper doesn’t come from the top, I will change it at a friend’s house. Admitting it is the first step.

10. I cried the first time I heard Jeff Buckley sing Hallelujah.

11. I once sent in the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes form.

12. In college I carried around a copy of Brief History of Time just to look smart.

13. I prefer trashy romances with Fabio on the cover.

14. I respect Fabio.

15. I sometimes ask my Magic 8 Ball for guidance.

16. I can sing and dance the entire striping sequence from the musical Gypsy, complete with leg kicks and boob shakes. But I am much better at it when I am drunk.


3 Responses to “Things That I’m Coming Clean On”

  1. Laina Says:

    Hmmm…I should have done Friday Confessions this week, then I could confess my dorkiness too! I think I have this week’s topic now.

    I sing along with Celine too, not that she comes on my radio much, since I usually just listen to my MP3 player. But I can do all of “My Heart Will Go On”. Sad but true. And I’m a toilet paper nazi too. I hate, hate, HATE when people don’t put it on the roll, and just sit it on top, and it has to be coming over the top, too.

    I have to see this dance. You’ve seen me dance at 8 months pregnant, I have to see the Gypsy dance.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Only if you feed me massive amounts of drinks do you get the pleasure of the dance. It’s a limited engagement kind of thing…

  3. Laina Says:

    Well, being’s that I’m a perfect DD right now, I think I could do that. 😉

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