It’s Wednesday Weigh-in Hell

Weight Watchers is making me neurotic. Well more neurotic than nature and law school made me, anyway. Each week, on Wednesday afternoon, I have to weigh-in. My entire week revolves around this five minute experience. What I eat, what I drink, exercising, how often I go out, where I go, what I wear on weigh-in days…But I am not alone. There are at least 20 other crazy WW followers who experience the same neurosis I do each Wednesday.

I have to show up before my weekly meeting to be weighed. I generally like to be there extra early to avoid what I lovingly refer to as the Cattle Call, or the lining up of all of us WWers while we wait for our moment of torture. Each person has a preference as to who weighs them. Personally, I don’t want the nice, old lady to weigh me, I want the scary, judgemental lady. She glares at you if you don’t lose weight and while she doesn’t say anything, she has The I’m SO Disappointed in You Look down to an art. It’s enough to make me shed all excess clothes and jewelry from my body while I’m on the scale–just in case it keeps me from getting The Look. Heck, I will fart on the scale if I think it will help.

Still, there are some women who are worse than I am. Use of the bathroom before the Cattle Call is imperative for some. I know one woman who doesn’t drink anything after 2:00 that afternoon in case she can’t pee it out. One woman has come in the same clothes each week for over 40 weeks. She’s lost over 80 pounds (good for her!!) but STILL wears the same clothes. Heck, she won’t even safety pin them in case that adds. Instead, she just sort of spends the meeting hugging them to her body. It might be getting time for an intervention.

My favorite (sarcasm, sarcasm) part of the weigh-in experience is knowing that I need to lose the equivalent of a small third grader. And knowing that I struggle to lose the equivalent of a large kiwi each week. Still, that’s a kiwi that might one day come off the size of my butt, so I’ll take what I can get!


One Response to “It’s Wednesday Weigh-in Hell”

  1. Laina Says:

    Hey, I’m a pee-er!! A gallon of water is like 8 lbs, right? So if I drank the recommended 64 ounces of water in that day, even if I only retain like 1/4 of that, that’s still like a lb!

    And where WON’T you fart?

    But I agree, 80 lbs lost lady needs help, those clothes have to be ginormous.

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