Just to pass the time

So, those annoying “Me! Me!” e-mails? Since they encourage procrastination, I’m game…

Name seven things in your fridge: Not currently having a fridge to call my own, I will wishfully look back to when I had my own place in order to answer this…A gallon of skim milk (which will invariably go bad), ketchup (my condiment of choice), cheese (several varieties in constipation causing quantities), beer (all Sam Adams Light, which will sit there forever, and only be consumed when I get laid off), butter (the real stuff, which is great for baking), diet coke (can’t live without it), and leftovers (which I will not eat).

When was the first time you went abroad?
How old was I when we moved to Jordan? I have no idea. Suffice it to say, I was young, and it was far away. Now ask me all the places I’ve been and we’ll be here for an age…

Who were the last five people to send you a spam message? Barnes and Noble, Nordstrom’s (shoes!!!!!), Borders, Poverty Barn, and somebody who has a misimpression about my anatomy.

If you were a type of cookie, what type of cookie would you be and why? I would be a Thin Mint, ‘cause nobody in their right mind could resist my chocolaty goodness. If not that, then my Baba’s chocolate chip cookies. They are the best; better than your grandma’s. It’s the extra special Baba love she bakes into them.

Describe your best friend using only Madonna song titles:
Like A Prayer, Causing A Commotion, Lucky Star, Fever, Vogue

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen a kitten do? Ummm…Bionic Kitty she has a new Best Toy in the Entire World: the unopened tampon. She will find them, no matter where I hide them, and carry them around in her mouth, purring. She then starts to attack them until the wrapper opens. Suddenly, it’s Kitty Christmas! She has a wrapper to pounce and a stringy thing to try to eat. Hours of amusement.


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