Sometimes I just need to puke…

It’s a natural instinct. It happens when I am so totally overcome by the cuteness of kittens that my “no, no, you can’t have one now” reflex automatically kicks, thus making me realize I can’t get one, no matter how snuggly and purrish they are. I think I developed the reflex to spare Bionic Kitty from the trauma of competition and spare myslef from my grandmother’s belief that I will end up as a Crazy Cat Lady in my 20s if I have more than one cat. But, I’m starting to tell myself that Bionic Kitty needs a side kick, that she needs it to stay on her “A” game, that it would be a humanitarian thing to give a kitten a home, that it would just toooooooo cuuuuute. And those arguments are winning out over my puke urge. Soon, it will overcome all natural resistance to kitten buying, despite all better judgment…Kittens, kittens galore! I’m doomed.


One Response to “Sometimes I just need to puke…”

  1. Laina Says:

    My uncle has a bunch. They’re free!!

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