Things I Wish I had Come Up With…

1. Roller coasters
2. The snooze button
3. Ionic blow dryers
4. Double stuffed Oreos
5. The stretch in jeans
6. Toilet paper
7. Rosie the Riveter
8. The Hokey Pokey
9. My Pet Rock
10. Real World/Road Rules Challenge
11. Dryer sheets
12. Poetic justice
13. Visa
14. Princess Diana’s wedding gown design
15. Tivo
16. Relish
17. The Macarena
18. Murder She Wrote
19. Wishing on a star
20. Chapstick
21. The reinforced toe on nylons
22. Tylenol
23. Star Trek
24. Mechanical pencils
25. Bottled water


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