Bionic Kitty Takes a Fall

Because she has crack for brains, Bionic Kitty ran at full speed from the family room, into the kitchen, and attempted to stop at the top of the basement steps. Apparently, Bionic Kitty under estimated the combination of hardwood floors and declawing. The forward motion carried her beyond the top two or three steps, she landed with a thunk and rolled down the rest of the flight, only to promoptly smack into the wall at the bottom. I’m happy to report she was uninjured and has, in fact, proceeded to do it again.

I am not sure if all that medication at a young age screwed her up more than I suspect, or she’s just a Bionic Thrill Junkie.


One Response to “Bionic Kitty Takes a Fall”

  1. Laina Says:

    How awful am I that I just about peed my pants laughing at this? It’s like a joke that you know the punchline to–I was pretty sure I knew where you were going with this, but I kept reading, giggling the whole time, and sure enough, I was right. Remind me to tell you about my parachute kitty sometime if I haven’t already.

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