The Rules Governing Lunch Breaks

1. A pre-set appointment is preferred.
2. I eat when the sun reaches its zenith (aka High Noon). Otherwise, my blood sugar drops to bitch-zombie-from-hell levels and I cease to be a nice person.
3. It takes 20 minutes to get anywhere in Columbus, so I need 25 if you want me to change into a clean(er) pair of sweatpants.
4. Chipotle or McDonald’s are always good options. Anyplace with the word “health,” “smoothie,” “soy” or “nature’s own” on the menu does not qualify as an eating establishment.
5. Am I going to see people from law school? I would prefer to avoid this and you might too, after I run and hide behind the grossly overweight individual by the trash can so I can avoid making eye contact with somebody I was happy to forget existed.
6. If you want me to pick you up, do not complain about my driving and/or parking and/or music and/or cussing at stupid drivers and/or lack of inner compass and/or cussing at the po-po and/or decision to go the wrong way on a one-way street.
7. I do not eat in Gahana. Ever.
8. I must have diet Coke within 10 minutes of arrival, or I will crawl into a fetal position under the table and drool.


4 Responses to “The Rules Governing Lunch Breaks”

  1. Laina Says:

    1) Does that apply to all law school people, or just the ones that you are likely to run into in Columbus (which of course doesn’t include Jill and I since we live in podunk)?
    2) You do eat in Gahanna. The Chipotle at Morse and Hamilton, that’s in Gahanna. And we ate there. HA!

  2. Jilly Says:

    If you ever want to eat in Jackson you better bring Chipotle.

  3. Katherine Says:


    1) Only the ones I don’t like.
    2) And have I gone back? Noooooooooo…Besides, you were preggers at the time. One does not argue with a hungry, pregnant lady about where to eat. 😉

  4. Laina Says:

    Mmm…Chipotle…when I was pregnant and could massive amounts without remorse. Ah, the memories.

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