Stuff to do…

SNL has come out with a new rap. Not for the faint of heart, Natalie Portman shows her “bad girl” side.

Another tribute to K. Fed
. Because he rocks almost as much as Britney. An oldie, but a goodie.

It may be low-tech entertainment, but how long can you keep the red square away from the blue rectangles? I’ve managed 19.5 seconds.

As if Ferbies weren’t enough and the wizard thing on Word didn’t make me want to throw my computer into Bill Gates’ head, you can now combine the two Greatest Evils of the Known World. Just adopt a cyber kitten (or bunny, or llama, or penguin…) and add a bit of style to your blog, class to your MySpace account, and cash to my therapists’ wallet.

The bestest music blog in the whole, wide world. Bar none.


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