Things that Scare Me

• Bugs with more than 8 legs
• Pamela Anderson’s boobs
• Driving at night in the rain
• Never finding “the one”
• Female baldness
• The dreaded Blue Screen of Death
• Anything under the hood of a car that is making a funny sound
• Horror movies
• Oxana Baiul
• Pop Tarts
• Tinky Winky
• Jules Asner
• Denim furniture
• Back ice
• Granny panties
• Glass elevators
• It
• Lizard skeletons in my grandma’s air conditioning unit thingie
• Flossing
• Wet willies


One Response to “Things that Scare Me”

  1. Jilly Says:

    Tinky Winky is very scary… right up there with chicken wings.

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