The things that make the world go round…

When unemployed, certain things become central highlights to each day. For example, checking my horoscope is the mainstay of my morning. I have to see if I am going to meet the love of my life that day, but then again, I would have to leave the house to meet him, unless he is the pizza delivery man.

Another event I look forward to each day is the mail being dropped off. This is a pretty stupid thing to get excited about as I only get credit card solicitations and bills (and US Weekly, which I have just realized has mysteriously not come for two weeks, darn it). Still, some days I will check the mailbox 3 or 4 times just to see if the mail carrier has somehow made it past my mailbox stake out, but he never does. After all, I can hear him shuffling across the porch and the clack of the mailbox lid as it is opened, not to mention I know his route. When the mail carrier arrives for the day, I hustle from the office and I am usually out the front door with hand extended, before he can put the mail in the box. I flip through the mail, open my bills, and the mail high wears off. All that anticipation for 15 seconds of US Postal Service goodness…

E-mail is also a big thing in my life. While I spend all day in front of the computer filling out job applications, I also have my e-mail open. If I get a new message, I am on it within seconds. Usually, it is something from the ABA. Boring, but I have actually begun to read those e-mails, because what else am I doing? There is a Health Law panel coming up in Seattle that I think will be a hoot. Anyway, occasionally a friend will e-mail me and that’s awesome. I try to write back promptly, but not so promptly as to look desperately bored and starved for human social interaction. I usually last 30 seconds before I click “send.” Some of the best e-mails to get are the companies that have gotten my resume off of CareerBuilder or Monster. They all promise financial riches, minimal work, and all from the comfort of my home! But wait, that’s unemployment!


2 Responses to “The things that make the world go round…”

  1. Laina Says:

    I LOVE the mail. And email, I love those, too. We never get anything in the mail either, I’ve been expecting a package for two weeks, and it hasn’t arrived, nor has any information on adoptive kids, so it’s just bills and ads. I’ve gotten to where I get excited over the catalogs. Except Birthday Express. That’s Sam’s territory–he likes looking at all the party packages and naming the characters.

  2. Jilly Says:

    Mail time here is also a joy. The Jack especially loves it since this house has a mail slot. The Jack can be in a dead sleep, but if the mail man steps one foot on the porch he is up and running for the mail slot. Today my Wal-Mart ad has a big hunk missing out of it.

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