Hangover Sunday

Hmmm. It appears I was a little inebriated last night…And this morning (or rather afternoon) I have a small (ok, raging) hangover. Tylenol and water are my new best friends. The only thing to do while I’m in this state is to deal with the tax issues resulting from my split residency. Hangover and taxes—both are painful, but together, they make for special times…

Anyway, I blame last night’s escapade on three things:
1.) I didn’t stay out late with my friends on Friday, so I had a lot of weekend consumption make up for;
2.) A certain person who shall henceforth be referred to as Stupidhead; and
3.) Never previously having a Long Island Iced Tea and deciding it was time to try one. Oops.

After a night of drunken debauchery, it is always interesting to go back and reconstruct the night. You never know what you will recall from the haze of memory, or find on your cell phone. It appears a slew of drunken text messages were sent out last night. This occurred despite my determination that all cell phones (especially my own) are to be kept away from me when I am in a bar, or anywhere near alcohol, due to Stupidhead (unless I am getting an incoming call/text, after which, the phone returns immediately to the Phone Warden). I also found that my Phone Warden and I got jiggy with the picture feature on my camera. Yep, there are some goodies of the two of us making faces, and one of the inside of Phone Warden’s pocket, which I guess we forgot to erase last night. I really think the picture phone was invented a person who wanted to blackmail his friends after a night of drunken revelry. Note to self: don’t forget to take phone pictures next time I am the sober one.

Also, I recall being barefoot in the bar. What the heck were my friends thinking? Somebody should have stopped me! Seriously, I am surprised I don’t have the bubonic foot plague by now. In the future, we all need to remember that footwear is even more important than undies when in a bar. No undies can lead to some indecent exposure, but no shoes can lead to a fungus that stays with you for life. Maybe I need a Footwear Warden, too?


One Response to “Hangover Sunday”

  1. Laina Says:

    Jesus, do I need to come up there and teach you how to drink hard liquour?!

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