Drunk at 2:30 with Phelly (Phil and Kelly)

You know you are totally beyond toasted when you don’t really realize what the heck you are typing. Right now, I am at that stage. Anyway, I would like to introduce to you all, Phelly (aka Phil and Kelly, my friends). Phil would like to say hello, in the form of the word penis. Kelly wants to say purple people eater (there’s the gnome) rule. Wait, that’s eaters with an s. Anyway, we’ve had wwwwaaaayyyy too much to drink and so I am crashing on thier futon so I don’t drink and drive because that is a bad thing.

We went to Taco Bell and my car (with Kelly driving) almost got rammed by a stupid whore with her stupid car with her stupid clevage, but Kelly won. I don’t appreciate the near sacrifice of my new car, but it turned out OK. And besides, I told Kelly to take the whore down and run over her clevage and smash her into smithereenes like it deserves. So we successfully order our chicken soft taco superemes and zesty chicken bowl and something for Phil and came back to Kelly’s house. Eating my tacos. Good times.

I had a LOT to drink. I am mildly (ok, let’s be honest, a heck of a lot) intoxicated. Rich makes the strongest Long Island Ice Tea known to humanity. It tasted horrible, but after a few sips, I didn’t taste it anymore. Because of the inordinately strong long island ice tea, I was denied of consuming purple people eaters shots with Kelly, et al. But that’s all good. Phelly had a $90 plus bar tab (including tip) and mine wasn’t that bad. Phil says hi and in the future, he wants to contribute to my blog. We’re in negotiaton at this time.

I am sleeping on Phelly’s futon in order to ensure I don’t break any laws. Good times. I think I should log off now, but first we need something witty to end the blog posting. So, here we go…

Phil says a peanut is neither a pea nor a nut, but I think it is actually a nut that Dave is allergic to. We’ll discuss this more when I am sober. Time to go to bed on the futon, since it is after 3 a.m.



4 Responses to “Drunk at 2:30 with Phelly (Phil and Kelly)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dude, we’re drunk. Love, Anonymouse (aka Kelly on Kate’s account)

  2. Jilly Says:

    Drunkin blogging replacement of the drunkin phone call.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Although I intend to remain anonymous, I demand credit for the origin of the term “Phelly!” At least a note attributing it to another…

  4. Katherine Says:

    The term “Phelly” was the near-genius creation of a cool friend. Way to go!

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